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Now available on Steam, including a free demo!

Strange maze-like structures have appeared on the surface of Europa and begun attacking our remote-controlled scouting vehicles. You are in control of a retro-fitted scouting vehicle which has been modified in order to combat this unexpected threat. Your only effective source of light this far from the sun is the camera drone that hovers far above your tank, automatically following it around.
The mazes are mostly composed of pipelines that are invulnerable to your makeshift weapon.

Shoot pipe ends

The open ends of these pipelines are the mazes' weak points,

and the 'core' at the heart of each maze is also vulnerable, if you can reach it.

Shoot cores
Shoot boss cores

Clearing an area will buy you some time to upgrade your "icetank" using salvage from the destroyed mazes before moving on to the next area. Expect to meet ever increasing resistance as your unknown enemy will also have time to fortify their positions. Who knows what tricks they may have up their pipes?

Play the Koboomballs demo in your browser
(Requires WebGL. Does not currently support mobile devices. May take several minutes to load.)

Download the installer for the Windows version of the demo. (58MB)

Download the .zip file for the Linux version of the demo. (73MB. Inclues 32-bit and 64-bit executables. For Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+, etc. Requires OpenGL 3.2+)

The default "preset" controls are: WSAD keys for moving; mouse or arrow keys for aiming; and left click, spacebar, or left control key to shoot. This default setup also supports moving and shooting using a standard old-school joystick (or the left stick of a standard gamepad). Additional presets for twin-stick play using a gamepad/controller are provided for both XBox 360 and PlayStation 4 compatible controllers. To change presets press the "Settings" button on the main menu or pause menu, then the "Configure Controls" button. All controls can be further customised as desired.

Details of the game's menus etc

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